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Support Through Volunteers and Construction of Kassie Braun Memorial Schools in Abakaliki, Nigeria

About the Kassie Braun Memorial Schools

Kassie Braun Memorial Schools is a private Catholic Christian K-12 school of applied practical knowledge, situated in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State of Nigeria.


The School was founded in 2016 by the effort of Rev. John Bosco O. Ikemeh of the Order of Preachers and the team of generous men and women he rallied together. Its doors are open to boys and girls from all backgrounds and nationalities; those of faith and no faith too. The school had its grand opening on October 15th, 2021.

Words from Rev. John Bosco O. Ikemeh

The school is named in memory of “my daughter”, Kassandra Arielle Braun (December 19, 1996 – November 7, 2017) whose passion for the poor led her to leave the comfort of her home in the United States to travel to Ghana West Africa to teach in a rural school. She was determined to finish college and head back to Ghana to live among the poor and help educate the children who were less privileged than she was. She did not live to accomplish that dream, but she woke us all up to think about people less privileged than ourselves and to help them to have a chance to compete. Kassie challenges us to give from the abundance of what we have received. Her spirit lives in this school.

Our education at Kassie Braun Memorial Schools is no ordinary education. Graduates from our school will be distinguish not by the background they come from, but their zeal for academic excellence, character development, openness to new experiences, their aspiration to recognize and appreciate all of God’s gifts and their readiness for a life of service. The school motto is “gratis accepistis, gratis date,” Freely you have received, freely you give.

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